The Credits and Who is Fleet Admiral Christian Taylor?

I am a Queen's University alumni who resides in Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada. Currently, I am employed in the Seismic Survey portion of the oil and gas industry (hence the lack of regular updates). As a young lad I used to be a supporter of the vile Rebel Alliance, until I came to the realization that the Empire was more awesome (with the help of playing LucasArts' Star Wars TIE Fighter) and that the Rebels were not as squeaky clean as they claimed [See Rebel Propaganda and Lies]. With my great devotion to the Empire, I also had an Imperial Fleet Admiral's uniform (modeled after Admiral Piett) assembled [Click Here]. In addition to my fleet duties, I am also the administrator of this Imperial facility. GEDB first became operational on January 1, 1998. On October 5, 2000 it went dot com.

Pablo Hidalgo's Star Wars Index provided some assistance to GEDB.


What do the source abbreviations stand for? What eras do the sources cover?

Click Here for a complete listing.
WEG = West End Games - D6 Star Wars RPG || WotC = Wizards of the Coast - D20 Star Wars RPG || CCG = (Star Wars) Customizable Card Game - by Decipher Incorporated.
Click Here for WEG book timelines.


What does craft/object was in existence/in service/on the market "at least" [time period = IE Battle of Hoth] mean in the background information?

The statement of "at least" indicates the earliest known instance that the craft/object was in existence and/or available for use.


Why do some data entries list sources which don't even mention the craft/troop/etc.?

The source contained a relevant picture of the craft/troop/etc. An example of this is the Beta-class Assault Shuttle and Gamma-class Light Personnel Carrier. By their descriptions they share a similar appearance to the Gamma-class Assault Shuttle. OR those other sources are connected by an event or character which allows for dating when the craft, troop, etc. existed.


Starfighter organization, what is the difference between an Imperial and Rebel Wing?

An Imperial Wing consists of 6 Squadrons. An Imperial Fighter Group consists of 3 Squadrons. Meanwhile, a Rebel Wing consists of 3 Squadrons. Normally, a squadron consists of 12 fighters. However, in the case of the Bavos I and II Platforms, they carry over-strengthened squadrons ranging from 16 to 18 fighters.


What does Scale mean in the data entries?

Scales in general mean the power/protection offered by a given craft, weapon or piece of equipment. From lowest to highest is: Character, Speeder, Walker, Starfighter, Capital, and Death Star. IE: a capital scale support craft is more powerful and durable than a starfighter scale support craft.


What does it mean when Skeleton Crew is listed as None?

It means that the craft or vessel cannot run with anything less than the listed crew number.


What does Pilot Support Systems mean?

It refers to Life Support and Ejection systems for a starfighter.


Why don't all of the ships have SBD, RU, DPF or MGLT ratings?

Only the ships from the PC games, Star Wars Technical Journal and the Behind the Magic CD-ROM have such ratings either in part or in whole.


Why aren't the all capital ships listed with MGLT ratings from the PC games?

The MGLT ratings for capital ships listed in the PC games are grossly under stated. To find out the rating of a capital ship's (or support craft's or starfighter's) sublight speed just multiply the space units by ten and you get that capital ship's MGLT rating (AGSWU2 and BTM speed charts is proof of this).


Why aren't all vessels, vehicles, etc. listed with prices?

It is for either two reasons. First the cost is stated as "not available for sale", or the cost was not listed in the sources. Additionally, the capital ship prices listed in SOTG do not match those established by WEG. The Nebulon-B's listed price is 194 million credits, yet that makes it more expensive than most of the capital ships listed in SOTG.


Concerning the troop data entries - can the trooper hold multiple weapons listed in the Other Weapons field?

Yes, they can. The deployment of the troopers determines what Other Weapons they carry (the same applies to the Special Equipment field).


Is Other Weapons and Specialized Training part of the "standard" trooper?

This is a two part question. The Other Weapons lists the weapons carried in addition to the main weapon(s) for the "standard" trooper. Specialized Training means additional training that a select few troopers receive. For example, a Moff or Governor may select a few of his most favoured Stormtroopers to receive bodyguard training (such in the case as Governor Wilek Nereus's Stormtrooper bodyguards), thus GEDB classifies that as Specialized Training.


Will the Galactic Empire Data Bank be adding information on characters or planets?

At the present time no. GEDB will not be adding information on characters or planets. GEDB is already busy with what it has already set out to do.


Will GEDB add my custom made ship or character to its listings?

No, it is the policy of the Galactic Empire Data Bank not to post up any weegee, fan-made, homemade or custom made RPG craft designs, characters, objects, events or battles in its listings. This is done to ensure that people do not mix up non-existing ships or characters from existing ships or characters.


Will GEDB be adding any RPG adventure or campaign ideas from the WEG/WotC books?

No, since that would defeat the purpose of people purchasing such books. GEDB concentrates on providing information that is of interest to people that could either be used in RPG or for personal "Star Wars information enlightenment".


Will GEDB be adding stats for characters (IE Baron Fel, Thrawn), and all stats for species/craft/weapons/equipment from the WEG/WotC books?

No, since that would defeat the purpose of people purchasing such books. Only a few non-stock ships have been entered into the listings since these few examples are either famous (IE Slave I) or demonstrate to the databank user of the possibilities for ship customization.


GEDB Updates...
GEDB tries to update once a month. Unfortunately, the GEDB cannot update more often, since this web site is created, owned and maintained by one person...Fleet Admiral Christian Taylor. Coupled with the fact that I have obligations in life, it prevents me from updating the GEDB more often. GEDB does not and will not E-Mail updates even if you make a request; you'll just have to check the What's New/Being Planned Section every so often.