GEDB Links Section
Ready to Use Ship Names
This page is part of GEDB, but provides an extensive list of ship names - including those specific to Interdictor Cruisers.
A German Imperial Site that takes place 5 years after the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn.
Imperial HQ Berlin
A German Imperial Site.
The Galactic Empire
An Imperial gaming and RPG site, trying to restore the Empire.
Galactic Empire: Technologies of War
An Imperial-aligned site that examines the awesome might of Star Wars technology.
An excellent site that provides detailed and accurate deckplans for your RPG needs.
T'Bone's Star Wars Universe
An amazing site and its quite famous too, a must see if your looking for lost archives.
New Republic Fleet Command
A great site for info and stats on ships used after the Battle of Endor.
Star Wars
This site is an excellent resource for all those wanted to create their own Star Wars costumes.
Star Wars vs Star Trek
Star Wars vs Star Trek: I Want YOU for the Galactic Empire!
An excellent Wars vs Trek site, clears the lies that Trek has made about Star Wars.