What's New/Being Planned

What's Been Added:
     November 18, 2015

Once again another year has passed. There was significant disruption due to an unexpected hosting change and DNS problems. Those have now been resolved. My originally stated goals have not changed. Added missing entries (Lone Scout-A and Lone Scout-A-2) to the Civilian section listings.

Accuser (Bounty Hunter ship)

     November 14, 2014

I have not forgotten about my website (which is soon approaching 15 years old). My current priority remains the same - finish TIE Fighter research (fortunately my Windows 98 computer is still operational). I am currently on Battle 13 Mission 5. I also did a lot of background source checks for the generally overlooked entries such as the Cargo Ferry and Bulk Freighter. Once I get the time (later in 2015) those entries will be updated to reflect that work. I also have the intent of finishing off the TIE Fighter battle entries, and somehow start work on the X-Wing Alliance battle entries.

Battles and Events FAQ - updated and new style.

New Entries (Battles and Events Section):

Rescue from Imperial Prison Ship Dargon

     December 27, 2013

My small update plan for this period was dashed due to prior duties. Only the GEDB Link Section was updated. Added a new link, and cleared out dead-links...vestiges of the once much smaller Internet.

     October 24, 2013

One year has passed. Employment in energy exploration and Mech Warrior Online stole my time. The main page has received a minor revision. I long ago realised that GEDB had branched out into too many sections. As such, the Old Republic Section has been removed to allow further concentration on the Classic and near Post-Classic Eras. A new file naming and organization system will be employed in the Battles Section to make it much easier to navigate. A new, much cleaner format for Battles data entries has been introduced (see Defection at Corellia). It will not be until later in 2014 that I can sit down and do more updates for GEDB.

Current Priority:
Finish off Star Wars TIE Fighter research. I am currently on Battle 13 Mission 4. Once that is out of the way, I can fill in the last of the gaps. And do the massive updates to the TIE Advanced (before and after Hoth variants), TIE Defender and Missile Boat entries.

New Entries (Battles and Events Section):

Defection at Corellia

     October 04, 2012

I have been recalled back to a new energy exploration season. Thus updates, if possible will unfortuantely be few.

Updated Entries:

  1. Modified Invincible-class Heavy Dreadnaught (Minor Update)
  2. R-41 Starchaser (Minor Update)
  3. Rebel Assault Frigate (Major Update)
     September 02, 2012

As always elements come to conspire against me in updating GEDB. I am aware that the site's format is quite old. Entries formats have been improved upon - effectively an evolution from the first design many years ago. I am still trying to figure out how to redo the menu pages (especially considering various elements of HTML 4 are no longer supported in HTML 5). My collection of Star Wars RPG - in this case WotC has been expanded and the updates reflect this.

New Entries:

  1. Lone Scout-A2

Updated Entries:

  1. Lone Scout-A (Minor Update)
  2. MC80B (Minor Update and Corrections)
  3. MC90 (Minor Update and Corrections)
  4. Modified Invincible-class Heavy Dreadnaught (Minor Update)
  5. TIE Phantom (Major Update)
     November 12, 2011

This update, which was planned to be much much larger got cut short as I have been recalled back into seismic survey. I have begun the process of modernizing the Main page - but the process has not yet been completed. The next update, which will be small will not occur until late December.

Updated Entries:

  1. Espo Walker 91
  2. K-222
  3. Lone Scout-A
  4. Orbitblade-2000
  5. Planetary Fighter
  6. Razor Fighter
     October 9, 2011

Finally some actual updates! The next update will include entry additions, and hopefully redesigns of the menu pages - which I am still struggling with. The new format the data entries is now in effect (although still in HTML4 instead of HTML5). The same sharp look has been maintained and upgraded, but the background image has been removed to assist in the effect.

I am also in the process of refocusing GEDB. The next update will eliminate the Dark Forces Pharoah section as it has not been used in some time. Furthermore, the Old Republic Section will not be receiving updates.

Updated Entries:

  1. A-24 Sleuth
  2. Etti Light Transport
  3. Gauntlet Starfighter
  4. Modified Invincible-class Dreadnaught
  5. R-41 Starchaser
  6. RX4 Patrol Ship
  7. Survivor Lifeboat
  8. TIS Zeta 19
  9. VGK-3 Shooting Star Prototype
  10. Zebra Starfighter
     September 23, 2011

I have not abandoned Galactic Empire Data Bank - a combination of employment, minor relocation of my computers, and gaming have been responsible for current delays.

The data format style has been modernized and will be implemented as new entries and existing entries are updated and uploaded. As of yet, the main page and various section pages have not been modernized - I am still trying to figure out how to do so. I have managed to purchase a number of the Wizards of the Coast source books, and the upcoming updates will reflect this. For the time being, the Nebulon-B Frigate updates have been put on hold.

Unfortunately, my old Dell XPS 8200 suffered from damage to its sound drivers. I believe I have repaired them - to permit the needed research for X-Wing, X-Wing vs TIE Fighter and X-Wing Alliance. TIE Fighter research will continue via my only computer that can run it - my Dell XPS R450 (runs Windows 98). Research for Mission 4 from Rogue Squadron has been completed - so expect that in the coming update.

     November 22, 2010

GEDB still continues. I am aware that Geocities ceased operations on Oct 26, 2009 and I will look for a different server to re-upload the missing sound bytes. Completing post-graduate schooling and now returning to work as a Field Cartographer has once again intervened.

Current Situation in Order of Priority:
LucasArts TIE Fighter = Finishing up Battle 9 and Battle 13 research. Also in the process of taking screenshots of all briefings and debriefings, about which 40% is complete. I still need to get the Jamming Beam and Mag Pulse Torpedo screen shots (from the Launch Screen).

This leads to updates to the TIE Advanced After Hoth and TIE Defender entries.

LucasArts Rogue Squadron = Research Mission 4 - the New Essential Guides indicated that this battle did indeed occur.

Finish work on all the Nebulon-B Frigate entries.

LucasArts X-Wing = Need to take screenshots of all briefings and debriefings, tech room and cut scenes.

LucasArts X-Wing vs TIE Fighter = Need to take screenshots of all briefings and debriefings, tech room and cut scenes.

LucasArts Force Commander = Need to do battle research.

LucasArts X-Wing Alliance = Need to do battles research and screenshots.

I have noticed on different computers the site does not look as good as it should. A large site redesign is in the works. The next update will most likely occur in a few months time.