SP .9 Anti-Infantry Artillery Vehicle
Name/Model# : SP .9 Anti-Infantry Artillery Vehicle
Designer/Manufacturer : Golan Arms
Combat Designation : Modified Anti-Infantry Battery
Scale : Speeder
Length : Unknown
Skill : Blaster artillery and repulsorlift operations
Crew Skill : Unknown
Crew : 4  Crew 1 + Gunners 3
Troops : None
Cost of Vehicle : USED 20,000 Credits
Vehicle Speed : 60 kph (WEG=21)
Altitude Range : Unknown
Manoeuvrability : Unknown
Cargo Capacity : Unknown
Weapons :

1 Turreted Laser Cannon (Faces Front, Left, Right)
Crew: 3 Gunners
Fire Control: 2D
Fire Rate: 6 (1 shot per second)
Range: 20-600 metres/3 km/16 km
Blast Radius: 5 Metres
Damage: 4D

Cover of Vehicle : Full
Shields/Body Strength : Shields None. Body Strength 3D


    The SP .9 Anti-Infantry Artillery Vehicle is a self-propelled repulsorlift sled variant of the DF .9 Anti-Infantry Battery, and as such it features an improved DF .9 laser cannon. While its primary duty is to provide long range anti-personnel support, it also excels against medium and even heavy combat vehicles. Because of its rapid fire capability, the SP .9 has a considerable advantage over its foes on the field of combat. Nearly unlimited power is fed to the SP .9's gun via its internal engine. Like any asset serving the Empire, the SP .9 is not without its critics and proponents. For critics they highlight this design's close combat vulnerability (due to its open-top gun turret), and its peculiar mechanics (the entire gun turret must be removed in order to conduct engine repairs). On the other hand, proponents correctly point out that the SP .9 was never designed to be facing modern foes in close combat, and that the SP .9 has the lowest mechanical failure rate of any self-propelled gun in Imperial service.

    Although this vehicle is only officially available to the Imperial Military or forces allied to the Galactic Empire, it is known that the Rebellion also possesses these excellent vehicles. The reason why this self-propelled gun is not in common usage among the Rebels is due to the large amount of cargo space it consumes. However, when the Rebels do employ this vehicle it performs decently in their opinion. It must be noted that a Twin SP .9 variant, based on the Twin DF .9 Anti-Infantry Battery also exists. For the Rebels, many of their Twin DF .9s are self-propelled. Twin SP .9s are protected by a 2.5 centimetre thick hull, and are powered by a specially conceived light ion unit, which like the SP .9 feeds the guns and the repulsorlift chassis. Also like the SP .9, the turret has a 180 firing arc. Compared to the DF. 9s, the Twin SP .9 sacrifices protection as it features a thinner housing.

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