Hound's Tooth

Name/Model# : "Hound's Tooth" Corellian YV-666 Light Freighter  <<Stats taken from WEG and CCG>>
Designer/Manufacturer : Corellian Engineering Corporation. (Modification done by Bossk and Kuat Drive Yards)
Combat Designation : Bounty Hunting Ship (Note designation is speculated)
Scale : Most likely starfighter
Length : Unknown
Crew : 1 (Bossk)
Skeleton Crew : None
Troop Capacity : Unknown
Cost of Craft : Unknown
Nav Computer : Most likely yes
Sublight Speed : Unknown
Hyperdrive Rating : Unknown
Hyperdrive Backup : Unknown
Atmospheric Speed : Unknown
Manoeuvrability : Unknown
Cargo Capacity : Unknown
Consumables : Unknown
Weapons : 1 Retractable Lower Quad Laser Turret
1 Forward Concussion Missile Launcher (6 Missiles)
Sensors : Passive : ?
Scan : ?
Search : ?
Focus : ?
Shields/Hull Rating : Unknown
Special Ability : Sensor Masking System. Redundant sensor and security systems can detect prisoner breakouts. Interior scanning system analyses all cargo brought onboard. Note that cargo holds are sensor-screened. X10-D Droid Brain which controls shipboard systems. The unit can respond to Bossk's verbal commands and can regulate weapons, thrusters, atmosphere and security systems. It also allows the ship to be control from the bridge or Bossk's personal quarters. Docking Bay for interior scout ship Nashtah Pup, for use in emergency operations. This two man, short-range ship has almost no cargo space.

    The Hound's Tooth is the ship used by the famed Bounty Hunter Bossk. The Hound's Tooth is a replacement ship for Bossk, as he purchased it shortly after Chewbacca and Han Solo destroyed his previous ship on Gandolo IV. The Hound's Tooth is fast for a light freighter and has several banks of shield generators to enhance the reinforced hull of this ship. Many of the modifications for this ship were done by Kuat Drive Yards, who installed a fail-safe code (to shut down the ship) into the Hound's Tooth computer systems. Much of this ship was rebuilt, including modifications to the controls to accommodate Trandoshan physiology. On the control grid are a pair of troughs which Bossk rests his arms. Along each trough microsensors respond to Bossk's every move, allowing him to control any system with minimum effort. Also the Hound's Tooth features a voice-recognition system that allows Bossk to secure his ship from the outside. Bossk also maintains the hidden ship Nashtah Pup onboard. A large dorsal hatch opens up to release the craft when Bossk wishes to use it.

    The prisoner-holding cages in the aft cargo section are magnetically reinforced for added strength and are activated by motion sensors linked to a force-field generator. Any unauthorized entry into any of several compartments activate neural stunners, sub-q injectors, shock panels and other security measures that Bossk has taken. Besides these Bossk maintains an automated skinning table for Wookies and other, similar species). The two large fins in the aft are manoeuvring fins, which are attached to the rear engine compartment. Located between them are the engines' two main drive nozzles, which can be individually attuned for thrust angles. The manoeuvring fins contain miniature arrays of manoeuvring thrusters. The bridge is located atop of the ship and is connected to the main deck, which contains Bossk's personal quarters and training room and the ship's computers and controls. Meanwhile, the engines, power core and weapon systems occupy the entire bottom half of the ship. The concussion missile launcher is located below the bridge, while the quad laser turret is located on the ventral side of the ship. Located to the side of the concussion missile launcher is a deflector-shield generator. The ship's power core and engine system are located below the manoeuvring fins.