Name/Model# : "IG-2000" Aggressor Assault Fighter  <<Stats taken from Background data>>
Designer/Manufacturer : Trilon Incorporated (Modifications done by IG-88, built on Mechis III)
Combat Designation : Bounty Hunting Ship/Assault Starfighter (Note designation is suspected)
Scale : Most likely starfighter
Length : Around 20 Metres
Crew : 2  (IG-88 and an old FX-7 Medical Assistant Droid)
Skeleton Crew : None
Troop Capacity : 8 Prisoners + 1 Status Tube (For keeping critically wounded Prisoners alive)
4 Assault Drones (Located in Airlock)
Cost of Craft : Unknown
Engine : 1 Kuat Galaxy-15 Ion Engine
Power Cores : 3 Quadex Power Cores
Nav Computer : Most likely yes
Sublight Speed : Matched that of Slave I and Y-Wing (Most likely 7 Space Units)
Hyperdrive Rating : Unknown
Hyperdrive Backup : Unknown
Atmospheric Speed : Unknown
Manoeuvrability : Unknown
Cargo Capacity : Unknown
Consumables : Unknown
Weapons : 2 Forward Mandible Mounted Laser Cannons
1 Ion Cannon
2 Forward Mandible Mounted Tractor Beam Projectors
Sensors : Passive : ?
Scan : ?
Search : ?
Focus : ?
Shields/Hull Rating : Unknown
Special Ability : Small Medbay and Interrogation Room. S-Foil Wing Actuators

    The IG-2000 is the ship owned and used by the infamous droid IG-88. The IG-2000 met its demise shortly before the Battle of Endor over the planet of Tatooine. IG-88 in an attempt to steal Boba Fett's prized bounty (Han Solo), used a decoy as a distraction, while the real IG-2000 came out of hyperspace to surprise attack Boba Fett. The plan ultimately failed as Boba Fett saw through the ploy and narrowly missed being insnared in IG-88's trap. In the ensuing battle, Slave I was able to outmanoeuvre the IG-2000, hit it with a tractor beam and destroy it with a wave of concussion missiles. It is unknown if IG-88 survived the destruction of the IG-2000.

    The IG-2000 was specifically designed for combat in mind. Its mass is significantly greater than most starfighters and the majority of the interior space is consumed by the engines and weapon systems. This craft was heavily modified from its original condition. As IG-88 does not suffer the ills of gravitational effects brought on by sudden manoeuvres, the inertial compensators were often disabled, thus manoeuvres that would kill an organic pilot would have no effect on IG-88. Since bounties often want the person alive, IG-88 preferred to use the ion cannon to disable the targeted ship, then use the tractor beams to manoeuvre ships to the airlock. From there it would unleash the four awaiting assault drones for use as advanced scouts for boarding actions, in case if the target put up resistance instead of surrendering.

    IG-2000 is propelled by an engine stolen from a decommissioned Nebulon-B Frigate. The engine itself was force-fed from three converted Quadex power cores. In the event of a power overload, the engine cowling had eight bleed-off vents that would direct discharges away from the power core. A pair of extendable vanes enhanced the manoeuvrability of this craft. In normal flight, they were pulled flush with the hull, however in the event of combat they were extended out. The vanes had several ailerons for atmospheric manoeuvring and breaking. The forward cockpit section contained a weapons locker and a small maintenance area, which were directly behind the pilot's station. Only the middle deck of this craft had a life support system, as this area was used to hold the prisoners captured by IG-88. The forward mandibles featured magnetic locking pads. Behind the cockpit was located the sensor and communications array and further behind were the central power cores, topped off with the main ion drive engine (Kuat Galaxy-15 Ion Engine).
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