Name/Model# : HAVw A5 Juggernaut "Rolling Slabs"  <<Stats taken from WEG>>
Designer/Manufacturer : Kuat Drive Yards
Combat Designation : Heavy Assault Vehicle
Scale of Vehicle : Walker
Height : Nearly 15 Metres
Length : 21.8 Metres
Crew : 8  Crew 2 + Gunners 6
Troops : 50 Troops
Speeder bikes, light assault speeders and other small repulsorcraft
Cargo Capacity : 1 Metric Ton
Maximum Altitude Range : Cannot-This vehicle is not a repulsorlift craft
Cost of Vehicle : Not available for sale
Weapons : 3 Heavy Laser Cannons (1 Turreted [Limited to Front, Left, Right], 1 Left, 1 Right)
Crew: 2 Gunners
Fire Control: 2D
Range: 50 metres-500 metres/1 km/2 km
Damage: 6D
NOTE That turret may only move 1 fire arc per turn
1 Turreted Medium Blaster Cannon
Crew: 1 Gunner
Fire Control: 1D
Range: 50 metres-250 metres/750 metres/1.5 km
Damage: 4D
2 Turreted Concussion Grenade Launchers (10 Grenades each)
Crew: 1 Gunner
Fire Control: 1D
Range: 50-100/250/500 Metres
Damage: 3D+1
Maximum Speed : 200 kph [Across almost any terrain] (Slows to 25 kph when turning)
Maneuverability : 0D
Cover of Vehicle : Full
Shields/Body Strength : Shields None. Body Strength 5D
Special Abilities : Forward and Aft Drive Stations allow vehicle to reverse direction, instead of turning entire vehicle around

    The Juggernaut was first constructed during the waning days of the Old Republic for the use in many planetary systems whose governments were building their own defence forces. Juggernauts are decades old and have played a prominent role in the Old Republic military. When first developed, it was considered state of the art, however the more leading edge and powerful AT-AT has displaced this assault vehicle as the most powerful surface vehicle in Imperial Space. The vehicle was sold to planetary governors, corporations as well as private buyers and a large sum fell into the possession of the Hutt Crime Clans. And a number of them are in the hands of other criminal organizations.

    Under Imperial Rule, most of the Juggernauts were commandeered by the Imperial Army and proved to be quite useful on outlying worlds where Imperial Commanders could not obtain AT-ATs. Although they do use ancient technology, their brute size and armour width make them as strong and devastating as the AT-AT. Imperial soldiers have given this vehicle the nickname "rolling slabs" due to the size and configuration of the A5. Five pairs of drive wheels propel this monster very quickly however the primitive drive system requires the A5 to slow down to make turns. The special abilities of the A5 give comes a great advantage in rough terrain and in urban areas, where there is often not enough room to turn around. The massive front and rear wheels turn independently of each other, allowing the Juggernaut to navigate fairly effectively for a non-repulsor vehicle.

    However terrain limitations and the primitive drive system makes the A5 least likeable in the long run. An A5 with a damaged drive system can spend weeks in repair bays while Imperial Work Crews wait for replacement parts. A single trooper in the sentry tower provides targeting data to the gunners. The laser cannons are just as effective as ones found on the AT-AT however the older design of them limits them a range two-thirds that of that AT-AT's weaponry. The turreted medium blaster cannon has both longer range and more power than the ones on the AT-AT. The Juggernaut also features concussion grenade launchers which are used to lay suppression fire to protect troops as well as craft leaving the Juggernaut.

    Juggernauts are or were carried aboard Victory-class Star Destroyers and still see service with Imperial Forces assigned to the Outer Rim Territories.