Personnel Skiff

Name/Model# : Personnel Skiff Model IV  <<Stats taken from WEG>>
Designer/Manufacturer : Ubrikkian Transports
Combat Designation : Repulsorlift Transport Skiff
Scale of Vehicle : Speeder
Length : 17.1 Metres
Crew : 1
Troops : 15 Troops
Cargo Capacity : 500 kg
Maximum Altitude Range : 1 Metre from ground level
Cost of Vehicle : NEW 23,000 Credits  USED 12,500 Credits
Weapons : None
Maximum Speed : 100 kph
Manoeuvrability : 0D
Cover of Vehicle : 1/2
Shields/Body Strength : Shields None. Body Strength 1D
Special Abilities : None

    The Personnel Skiff Model IV is most commonly employed to transport Rebel personnel within the confines of the Rebellion's bases, outposts, and other installations. These open-air repulsorlift transports are slow, unwieldy, and extremely vulnerable to almost any kind of attack. As such, these craft rarely, if ever, operate in hot combat areas. Thus Personnel Skiffs are employed deep behind friendly Rebel lines, far from any chance of attack, even though they are qualified as Light Mechanized Vehicles.

    The duties for these vehicles include shuttling starfighter pilots and passengers to their ships in large hanger bays, moving heavy equipment and supplies, and so forth. The driver is seated in the front left corner of the skiff. Controlling the speed and direction of the skiff is accomplished with a joystick/throttle assembly. Compared to their commercial counterparts, Rebel skiffs tend to be slightly more quick, and each comes equipped with a unichannel comlink.