Imperial Probe Droid

Name/Model# : Imperial Probe Droid (Probot) (Viper Probe Droid)  <<Stats taken from WEG>>
Designer/Manufacturer : Arakyd Industries
Combat Designation : Planetary Probe/Scout
Affiliation : Galactic Empire
Cost of Droid : NEW 14,500 Credits
Weapons : 1 Blaster Cannon [4D+1] (Mounted on Body)
Equipment : Long Range Sensor (+1D to search for objects between 200 metres and 5 km away)
Movement Sensor (+2D to search for moving objects up to 100 metres away)
Atmospheric Sensor (Determines atmosphere class [Type I, II, III, or IV] within 1/2 hour)
Sensors are: Visual Sensors (3), Atmospheric Sampler, Infrared Scopes, Targeting, Acoustic, Electromagnetic, Motion, Seismic and Olfactory Sensors. Zoom Imagers, Magnetic Imagers, Radar and Sonar Transceivers and Radiation Meters.
4 Manipulator Arms
1 High-Torque Arm
Note: Each arm has retractable ultrasensitive sensor probes that extrude from the arms to get more detailed scans or gather samples.
High Intensity Flood Light
High-Frequency HoloNet Transceiver
Stealth Sensor Scramblers
Particle Shield (Power-Intensive, designed to protect against the thick of blizzards) [Note that the Particle Shield is a modification]
Self-Destruct Mechanism
Standard Height : 1.6 Metres
Move : 14 Metres
Skills : Dexterity 3D, Knowledge 2D+2, Mechanical 3D, Perception 3D, Strength 4D and Technical 2D+1
Training : Blaster 4D, planetary system 4D, sensors 6D, search 4D, search: tracking 7D+1. Sabotage and Disruption (Implemented after primary mission completed)
Special Ability : High intelligence, cunning and extremely curious
Click here for data on the Probot Hyperspace Pod

    The Imperial Probe Droid is one of the many valuable tools the Empire employs to discover Rebel, criminal or other secret bases around the Galaxy. Originally designed for peaceful exploration purposes, Probe Droids have seen extensive use in the Imperial Navy. They are used to gather intelligence, if there is something to be found on a planet they will find it. The very sensitive sensor arrays carried onboard are used to detect any signs of habitation. All the sensors combined give the droid a detailed view of the world it is on. These droids are armed, however they are programmed to avoid combat or conflicts and to self-destruct if discovered by opposing forces. The droid has six Repulsorlift Drive Units to propel itself across a planet's surface and over any terrain. These droids are left behind on the planet to continue observation after they are deployed (by the Hyperspace Pod).

    The probe can send an instantaneous omnisignal unicode which can reach across the Galaxy through the use of the Imperial HoloNet communication frequencies. These communicators are quite expensive however, they allow the droids to inform the Imperial Fleet in no time at all. The Probot can transmit audio, video and data through its non-mass transceiver broadcast antenna. A Star Destroyer's extremely sensitive receiving equipment is capable of receiving clean communication from a Probot over long distances.

    After the tragic Imperial defeat in the Battle of Yavin, Lord Vader ordered the launch of thousands of Probe Droids to search unexplored or uninhabited systems, which led to the discovery of the Rebellion's main base in the Hoth system. It also told the Empire the location of the power and shield generators, defensive weaponry emplacements, as well as Rebel troop deployment and more. This data proved most useful as Imperial Forces were able to inflict mass losses upon the Rebellion. Should the Empire perfect the devastatingly effective Probot, and begins to fully employ them to the full extent of the droids abilities, the Rebellion's days of running and hiding could come to an end.