Rebel Combat Speeder

Name/Model# : Rebel Combat Speeder  (Modified T-47 Airspeeder)  <<Stats taken from WEG>>
Designer/Manufacturer : Incom Corporation. Modification done by Rebels
Combat Designation : Modified Combat Airspeeder
Scale of Vehicle : Speeder
Length : 5.3 Metres
Crew : 2  Crew 1 + Gunner 1  (1 can co-ordinate)
Troops : None
Cargo Capacity : 10 kg
Maximum Altitude Range : 250 Metres from Ground Level
Cost of Vehicle : USED and BLACK MARKET ONLY 50,000 Credits
Weapons : 1 Double Laser Cannon (Fire-Linked)
Fire Control: 2D
Range: 50 metres-300 metres/800 metres/1.5 km
Damage: 4D+2
1 Aft Power Harpoon Launcher
Crew: 1 Gunner (Co-Pilot)
Fire Control: 2D
Range: 25-50/100/200 Metres
Damage: 3D (None if tow cable and fusion disk are used)
Maximum Speed : 1,000 kph  (570 kph is optimal combat speed)
Manoeuvrability : 3D
Cover of Vehicle : Full
Shields/Body Strength : Shields None. Body Strength 3D
Special Abilities : None

    The Rebel Combat Airspeeder is used by the Rebels for patrol, reconnaissance and the defence of Rebel bases. The airspeeder relies on its compact size, high manoeuvrability and speed for its survival on the battlefield. The Rebel Combat Airspeeder has seen extensive use throughout the Rebel Alliance. The Rebels often modify these airspeeders for the different terrain that they will be used in. So if these speeders are to be used in cold environments they become "Snowspeeders", those used in hot, dry planets become "Sandspeeders" and those to be used for jungle and moist planets become "Swampspeeders".

    The most notable, is the Snowspeeder which the Rebels used for the defence of their main base on the icy planet of Hoth. Rebel attempts to eliminate the AT-ATs and AT-STs on Hoth resulted in the destruction of most of their airspeeders. On Hoth, Rebel technicians faced problems adapting these craft to the planet's frigid environment. Additional repulsor-coil heaters were added to prevent the motors from freezing, and de-icing nozzles were placed underneath the braking and turning flaps.

    In the cockpit, the gunner (co-pilot) faces aft and is responsible for the power harpoon launcher as well as piloting responsibilities. Due to computerized targeting systems, the gunner can target with the dual laser cannon. These modified T-47s are designed for low atmospheric flight. They are propelled by repulsorlift drive units which are on either side of the canopy and also come equipped with high-power afterburners. The drive unit's circuitry has been left exposed to allow Rebel technicians easy access for repair and maintenance for these airspeeders. Mechanical breaking flaps located above each repulsor engine are used to assist in manoeuvres. These craft are cheap to manufacture, reliable and sturdy and provide excellent speed and firepower. The Rebel Combat Airspeeder has a custom designed frame and powerplant.
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