Rebel Propaganda and Lies
  1. The Rebels claim that Alderaan was a peaceful and defenceless world, but in reality it was quite different.
  • The Alderaan Royal Engineers (ARE) were part of a secret rearmament program that was initiated on Alderaan (by the Royal House of Alderaan), but they ceased operations since the Empire stopped them by destroying the planet.
  • Viceroy and First Chairman Bail Organa gave up his seat in the Imperial Senate and returned to Alderaan. From there he worked hard to convince his people to renounce their pacifist ways. And before Alderaan could fully prepare its military might and officially join the Rebellion the planet was destroyed.
  • Viceroy and First Chairman Bail Organa, working with Mon Mothma diverted weapons and funds into the hands of organizations opposed to the Empire (the early form of the Rebels) after the Ghorman Incident. More so, Bail Organa supplied highly classified military data to Rebel leaders, which allowed them to conduct surprise attacks against Imperial shipping and troops.
  • Bail Organa made Alderaan a centre for dissent and resistance. A quotation that came from the Rebels' own propaganda pamphlet "A Call to Reason".
  • Alderaan was conducting major sums of secret Rebel activities.
  • Sections of the Alderaanian palace were constructed of mono-molecular plates which allowed so much of the palace itself to survive the destruction of Alderaan. Underground portions of the palace were hardened to protect the Royal Family from attack, and those portions of the palace also survived.
  • The Council of Elders were going to give the Rebel Alliance the Alderaanian War Frigate Another Chance, which was filled with weapons.
  • Alderaan secretly maintained one Alderaanian War Frigate (Another Chance) and three Thranta-class War Cruisers (Courage, Valiant and Fidelity) [which were slave rigged to the Another Chance].
  • Alderaan supplied large numbers of troops to the Rebels, including the training, uniforms, weapons and equipment for those troops. The uniform of the troops are Alderaanian. Note that the Rebel Trooper wears the Alderaanian uniform.
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  1. The Rebels subvert children to help them in their fighting or use them as their operatives.
  • During the Stormtrooper raid on Asteroid AX-456, a boy shot and killed a Stormtrooper known as Morely, who was part of Stormtrooper Cadet Leader Kyle Katarn's command.
  • Iona Wince, a young Wroonian girl, age 11 serves the Rebel Alliance aboard the SoroSuub Corporation's Starlight Cloud starliner. She helps book passage for Rebel operatives and keeps a look out for any Imperial actions against the Rebel Alliance.
  • The Rebels condoned 16 year olds to become starfighter pilots.
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  1. In the Rebels' propaganda pamphlet "A Call to Reason", they list the vile crime lord Jabba the Hutt as a minion working for the Empire. This is totally false.
  • In reality the Empire has an assassination planned for this vile gangster, who is constantly finding ways in circumventing Imperial Law. The Empire was using Ree-Yees to conduct the assassination of Jabba the Hutt. To allow Ree-Yees to accomplish the said task, the Empire sent him components for a detonator in his Gran goatgrass packages so he could assemble the weapon and eliminate the crime lord.
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  1. The Rebels claim that droids are entities that should be treated like living beings and that they have rights. They state in their propaganda pamphlet "A Call to Reason" that the Empire conducts droid abuse by mistreating, exiling and destroying droids. They go on to say that Probe Droids are improperly treated by the Empire. There are scientists which the Rebels mention in their propaganda pamphlet "A Call to Reason", which state that Protocol Droids are capable of full sentience and that regular memory wipes are a criminal act. The Rebels treat droids like the machines they are, which is totally against their "A Call to Reason" propaganda pamphlet.
  • The Rebels conduct memory wipes on their droids.
  • The Rebels use live droids (R2 Units) in their Droid Rescue and their Dangerous Droid Rescue sections in their Pilot Proving Grounds. The details of these sections along with the rest of the Pilot Proving Grounds are kept secret by the pilots who fly them. Once the Rebel droid Emkay learned from its master Ace Azzameen the truth about these two sections of the Pilot Proving Grounds, the droid was "disturbed" that the Rebels were doing this. It wanted to write a letter to the Rebels' Organization for Droid and Machine Abuse on the Rebel command ship MC80a Independence to request that practice to be stopped.
  • A-C, a modified Rebel protocol droid employed by Rebel Information Officer Candice Ondi was outfitted with 4.2 kg of plitex nine explosives; should any uniformed Imperial personnel come into close proximity of the droid, a self-destruct subroutine would activate causing the droid to detonate the explosives it carried.
  • A Rebel "droid procurement" operative named Vo Lantes who owns a chain of droid lots, has been known to modify droids to circumvent their life preservation programming and to contain detonite explosives. These modified droids are detonated by remote control to create diversions or to knock out security systems for Rebel teams on infiltration or sabotage missions.
  • Pilot droids such as the V1 Pilot Droid, which are employed by the Rebels have been outfitted with self-destruct circuits. On top of this, these pilot droids are programmed to activate their cargo ship's auto-destruct should they be unable to flee.
  • During the Imperial raid on Asteroid AX-456, the Rebels forced droids to become moving cover against incoming blaster fire in an attempt to drive out the Stormtroopers. Ultimately this tactic failed. It resulted in the deaths of all the Rebels who used the droids as moving cover and the destruction of the droids as well.
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  1. The Rebels claim that Imperial personnel who surrender to them are sent to a neutral pickup point and allowed to return to their homes, unless they want to defect. Some of the most prominent Rebels even believe this, for example Commander Luke Skywalker.
  • Imperial Prisoners are placed on Rebel Safeworlds. They are dropped off on a continent thousands of kilometres from Rebel settlements. They are then issued enough supplies and farming equipment to get them through the first year if they work hard. Living in primitive conditions, they are periodically visited by heavily armed Rebel medical ships, beyond that Imperial prisoners are left in solitude. Escape from such confinement is impossible as there are no space ships to capture or sophisticated equipment needed to build a communications device in either the Rebel settlement or the prisoner colony.
  • The Rebels maintain penal colonies on remote planets to hold captured or surrendered Imperial personnel.
        = Some of the known locations are: The planet Stronghold, in the Taldot System, in the Taldot Sector || The planet of Dles IV, in the Dles System in the Sisar Run.

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  1. Rebel Falsehoods and Crimes.
  • Some Rebels claim that the Vergesso Asteroids Shadowport was a mining colony. When the Empire attacked this major shadowport, contrary to the Rebel claims that 85% of its "inhabitants" (85,000 beings in all) had safely escaped, hundreds of Rebel ships were destroyed and thousands of its personnel were killed. This loss had seriously damaged the Rebellion, contrary to Rebel claims that the Empire's victory at Vergesso was a minor one.
  • A Dreadnaught which was serving as an orbital war museum for the planet of Churba was stolen by the Rebels and was later refitted to serve the Rebel fleet. They used four deep-space tugs to carry out their theft.
  • Rebel Special Ops Teams are employed for shipjacking missions. The top 10 list of ships to steal, in order of priority: YT-1300, Ghtroc 720 Freighter, CEC Action IV Transport, Gallofree Yards Medium Transport, Y-Wing, Z-95 Headhunter, Corellian Corvette, (any) Capital Ship, Lambda-class Shuttle, and Lantillian Short Hauler.
  • The Rebels' "Alliance Support Service" seldomly purchases BR-23 Couriers, as they prefer to steal them from who ever and where ever they are encountered.
  • The Rebels seek out and steal large passenger ships so they can covert them into cargo vessels.
  • More so, the Rebels have occasionally intercepted small passenger liners to "offer" those onboard an opportunity to defect to the Rebellion, and to steal Imperial communiqués, or abduct Imperial officers or agents.
  • To move their wretched supplies the Rebels employ tramp freighters. In many cases the hired captains do not even know that they are carrying Rebel cargo or had visited a Rebel operated or Rebel-sympathetic location or facility. As a consequence of Imperial inspectors discovering the ill goods of the Rebellion onboard the tramp freighter, its captain is often incarcerated or executed for being a Rebel sympathizer.
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  1. The Rebels have used terrorism to convince planets to join the Rebellion.
  • There are Rebels who operate like the Black Sun; using the same rationale to justify their murders of anyone who does not support the Rebel Alliance, including civilians. "There are no neutrals on a planet, they are either with us or against us" and "No one is innocent". These ethics were stated by the infamous Rebel, Elscol Loro.
  • In a strategically placed farming village located on the planet of Carnth which was under Imperial control, the Imperial Prefect told the farmers that the Rebels were nothing but a group of pirates. And thus the farmers refused to assist the Rebels when they came knocking on their doors. Airen Cracken and a group of Rebel Operatives convinced the farmers to support the Rebel Alliance after a brief show of force. They accomplished this by modifying their blasters with beam splitters, which allowed them to emit wide spread stun-level beams to bring down a number of farmers without harming them.
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  1. The Rebels claim that they do not associate themselves with criminals, but the truth is that they do.
  • The Rebels ally themselves with pirates and in some cases they also provide protection for them to further their own interests.
        = Some of the many examples are the: Mugaari Pirates || Pakuuni Pirates || Khuiumin Survivors
  • The Rebels regularity make use of privateers by issuing their Letter of Marque to pirates. Pirates in control of capital ships and fleets deal with the Rebel High Command, while local Rebel Commands deal with single, small pirate vessels. More so, these pirates are forgiven for their past criminal lives by the Rebels.
  • Tormax Ardellian was a Corellian pirate who was involved in operations to smuggle Rebel agents and equipment to the planet of Questal.
  • Solla Kyler is an undercover Rebel Transport Chief who hangs around various Outer Rim starports. From these locations, this Rebel hires smugglers to transport cargo from her acquisition depots to Rebel drop points and bases.
  • Smugglers from many different worlds supply the Rebellion with arms and supplies, and it is these smugglers the Empire hunts down.
  • Criminal organizations such as the Tenloss Syndicate are valuable allies to the Rebellion. The benefits of this alliance has allowed the Rebels use of the Vergesso Asteroids Shadowport. More so, Tenloss' subordinate company, Galindas Exports siphons off hundreds of tons of supplies and equipment per month for the Rebels. This huge sum of material finds its way to Rebel units across the galaxy by employing Ororo Transportation and Galindas Exports (both controlled by Tenloss), by independent spacers and by Rebel transports.
  • In the Sisar Run, Black Sun influence allows the Rebels to obtain ships and supplies that they would normally be hard-pressed to obtain. The Black Sun also helps relieve some of the Imperial pressure off of the Rebels. More so, the Rebel leadership has not disputed the yielded benefits of their relationship with the Black Sun.
  • A Rebel funds "acquirer" named Mister Tisilan not only generates funds for the Rebels by skimming money from his own legitimate business, he is also an art thief. He has stolen art treasures from Imperial officials and private collectors. These stolen art pieces are either sold on the black market or handed over to the Rebels who then distribute them to convince system governments to join the Rebellion. As a result of his activities, this Rebel operative generates millions of credits per year for the Rebellion.
  • After their major defeat at Gal Milnor, the Rebels with the assistance of General Calrissian contacted Dunari who was leading the Smuggler Coalition and held a meeting in a secluded area of space. The negotiations were successful and thus the Rebellion entered into an alliance with the Smuggler Coalition. When the Empire moved to apprehend Dunari and his associates at Dunari's Casino, the Rebels sent starfighters to help Dunari and his associates escape and evade Imperial capture.
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  1. The Rebels claim that the Empire has revoked anti-slavery laws. This is incorrect.
  • Imperial anti-slavery laws state that if a species is not classified as sapient, then forcing them to work against their will is not slavery, but domestication.
  • When news of the deaths of hunting parties on the planet of Barab I reached the ears of Sector Governor Paro Lanto, he ordered an investigation into the matter through powers granted to him under the Dangerous Species Act. It was discovered that the Planetary Safaris corporation (which organized the hunting parties) had deceived the Empire on the true nature of the Barabel species. As a result of the investigation, it was discovered that the Barabels were sentient. And due to this, Sector Governor Lanto ensured that the planet of Barab I was admitted into the Empire and its inhabitants were given full protection under Imperial Law.
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  1. Some Rebels believe the Rebel claim that the Empire only has 6 to 7 times the resources of the Rebel Alliance, this is totally false. Even Rebel droids believe this, namely Emkay, the droid owned by Ace Azzameen. The Rebels' meager resources represent an extreme minute fraction of the Galactic Empire's resources.
  • Just before the Battle of Endor, the Empire destroyed the Rebel supply centre located on the planet of Gal Milnor along with the bulk of the Rebel freighter fleet. This main supply centre stored critical food, fuel, and munitions for the Rebel Fleet. Its loss severely reduced Rebel resources, and as a result the Rebels entered into an 'Alliance-Smuggler' alliance to obtain the required supplies so that they could amass their fleet and attack the Death Star II.
  • At the height of the Empire, it possessed 5,000 times the warships than the New Republic had in its possession. The New Republic had only 2,500 operational warships at the time of the Black Fleet Crisis. This means the Empire maintains 12.5 million warships.
  • To further press the point, the entire Rebel Fleet barely equals the number of ships the Imperial Navy sends to the scrap yards annually.
  • Roughly 1/3 of the large ship cargo transported in the galaxy is Imperial war material. The remaining capacity is filled by private goods. In short, the Rebellion's annual cargo capacity is not even close to the Empire's monthly capacity.
  • The Empire maintains a gargantuan logistics network to move its vast resources. This network is inefficient, unwieldy, wasteful, slow and encourages the stockpiling of massive quantities of supplies, however it can easily handle lost supplies due to theft, misfiling and other incidents. On the other hand, the Rebels have few stockpiled supplies and must be quick and thrifty with their logistics, else they would even more quickly succumb to the Empire's might.
  • The Rebellion would bankrupt itself just within a few days if it obtained its ships legally.
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  1. The Rebels claim in their Declaration of Rebellion and elsewhere that the Empire, its military and the New Order stand only for tyranny and oppression of the Galaxy. This is not true.
  • The primary mission of the Imperial Navy is to protect civilians from the dangers of space. The Empire seeks to control and assure safe passage of commerce.
  • Fleets of lighter ships in the Imperial Navy are employed to patrol Imperial space, provide search and rescue services, and generally keep the peace.
  • Before the arrival of the Empire, the planet of Bakura suffered from a chaotic government which remained in a constant deadlock of disagreement. For example the planetary government could not even agree on the school calendar nor curriculum. More so, the arrival of the Empire ended the threat of civil war on that planet.
  • The Empire grants portions of space to be Imperial “immunity spheres” in which no Imperial soldiers or ships can set foot in them. “The Wheel”, a gambling haven located in the Besh Gorgon System is located in an Imperial immunity sphere; in return a large percentage of its profits are turned over to the Imperial Treasury.
  • Species such as the Adarians who inhabit the planet of Adari have maintained their neutrality by signing a non-aggression treaty with the Empire. And in return, the Adarians supply the Empire with vast sums of raw material.
  • Even though the Empire maintains a firm military presence on the planet of Veron (located in the Mektrun Cluster), the native species, Gazaran have been permitted to retain their traditional lifestyle and government.
  • An elaborate accord between the Empire and the Aramandi (located in the Aramand Cluster) was achieved. This agreement benefited both parties. For officially supporting the Empire, paying a few taxes and allowing a small Imperial garrison to be stationed on the planet of Aram along with minimal Imperial Navy forces, the Empire has left the Aramandi to their own devices.
  • Continuing on the efforts of the Old Republic the Empire has assisted the planet of Riflor, the home of the Advozsec species in improving building methods and materials. And as a result millions of lives have been saved.
  • Many of the Advozsec species have found opportunities inside Imperial and corporate bureaucracies across the galaxy. More so, the species tends to support the Empire due to the order it brings to the galaxy.
  • Even though Imperial backed corporations implement policies which give humans preferential treatment, the Baragwin species can always find well paying employment in those corporations.
  • Aqualish from the planet of Ando have a history of aggressiveness towards those not from their homeworld in addition to their civil wars. Any exploration ships that visited before the arrival of the Old Republic were attacked and captured for study. Eventually, the Aqaulish gained the ability to travel space and decimated Ando’s sister planet. When an Old Republic ship visited during the Old Republic’s period of massive expansion, the Aqualish attacked without provocation which ignited a brief war. Ando soon sued for peace and unconditionally surrendered. Currently, the Empire maintains a watchful eye. Should signs that the species is reverting back to their old ways become apparent, the Empire would swiftly move to restore peace on Ando.
  • With the Imperial Navy stepping in to halt the Reslian Purge that was being conducted by the Lortans, the Tunroth species was saved from total annihilation.
  • The Empire ended civil wars where the Old Republic simply ignored or failed to end them.
        = Some of the many examples: The Sepan Civil War which lasted for generations. In a five year period leading up to the Clone Wars three separate missions by the Jedi Knights failed to end the decades old conflict. || Taroon System Civil War which lasted for 20 years.
  • The Empire sets up Imperial Species Preservation Zones. These zones are defined as areas where a species is dying out. With the ISPZ in place all travel to and from planets within the zone is restricted to help the species survive.
        = Some of the many examples: the planet of Dar'Or since it was the last home of the elix.
  • Assassin Droids were originally created during the days of the Old Republic. Originally, they were employed as a law enforcement tool, keeping the peace and capturing or killing dangerous criminals. Later versions called war droids were employed as soldiers in the Outer Rim frontiers and in the Corporate Sector. Gradually, the droids began to be misused by warlords, criminal kingpins and politicians, so in its waning days, the Old Republic Senate tried to outlaw the droids and failed. Years later, the Empire would have a greater success rate (although not a 100 percent success rate) of outlawing assassin droids.
  • In an effort to stem the flow of black market assassin droids, the Empire seized control of Bansche Tech, Sencil Corp, Reiber Manufacturing and SGI Systems which were major droid manufacturers in the Mid-Rim. These companies were major manufacturers of black market assassin droid matrixes and mission-specific components in the entire Mid-Rim region. As a result of these Imperial seizures those wishing to obtain assassin droids were forced to go to the CSA or Outer Rim. It must be noted, that unauthorized ownership of an assassin droid carries the penalty of death under Imperial Law.
  • Wroonian guilds such as the Armament Distributors (gun-runners) and Spice Shippers Guilds, both of which carry out illegal activities were dissolved under an Imperial edict by the local Imperial Governor.
  • The Empire balances submission with privilege. One advantage of living under Imperial rule is the remarkable range of educational opportunities that are made available. Gifted children may even receive the honour of studying at the Imperial Centre.
  • Near-Humans known as Epicanthix submitted to the Empire's rule shortly after the declaration of the New Order. As a result, the appointed Imperial Governor of the Pacanth Reach Star Cluster worked with the Epicanthix to import beneficial items and to export valuable commodities (mostly minerals). Furthermore, a certain degree of autonomy is maintained by the Epicanthix, which effectively allows them to reign in conjunction with the Imperial Governor. This arrangement has allowed these near-humans to expand their wealth and exploration of other cultures.
  • There are thousands of religions within the Empire, while the Emperor disapproved of many of them, most were tolerated as long as they remained apolitical.
  • The Tallaan shipyards which orbit the planet of Tallaan (which is near the Core) have been in existence for the past four millennia. As the shipyard came under Imperial control, the first Imperial governor assigned to the base attempted to reduce the number of alien workers. However, the Guild of Non-Human Skilled Labourers threatened boycotts and strikes from 60 percent of the yard's employees. The shipyard itself was one of the Empire's most productive. To solve the impasse, the governor came to an agreement with the guild. As long as the guild's members remained productive and loyal to the Empire, he would permit the aliens to remain. Since then there have been no major incidences precipitated by either side.
  • In the Corellian Sector, the Empire enforced the peace between the sector's three dominant species: Human, Drall and Selonian by forcing them to live in harmony. With the higher authority of the Empire in place the entire sector was prevented from falling into chaos.
  • The New Order put an end to many of the galaxy's vendettas. Years later, during the Hand of Thrawn Crisis even prominent New Republic officials admitted the benefits of the New Order.
        = Some of the many examples: The 600 year feud between the Clatear and Nhoras, which five separate generations of Jedi Knights tried and failed to end the dispute.
  • Governor Stant Rosswell curried favour with the business community on the planet of Indu San by loosening import and export regulations, and as a result Imperial rule on the planet was not unpopular.
  • The Yablari System, home of the Anomids species is governed by their Central Council. And presently, this council is a supporter of the Empire, which has resulted in preserving peace and freedom for that system.
  • There are planets who value the New Order and accept it.
        = Some of the many examples: The planet of Gacerian, the fourth and primary world in the Gacerian System. Imperial Governor Ulbrek Gostech, while in complete control, left the general populace to themselves. In fact, the Gacerites welcomed the order brought to their world by the Empire. Furthermore, the Empire assists in the defence of Gacerite vessels. All of this had the effect of instilling the values of the New Order, while preserving many of the freedoms the people once shared. || The planet of Corulag is totally loyal to the Emperor's New Order; and is ruled by the popular Imperial Governor Zafiel Snopps who shepherds the world’s booming economy.
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  1. The Empire has had many benefits to the galaxy, which the Rebels ignore in their attempts to gain support for their terrorist cause.
  • After the collapse of the Old Republic, the Empire standardized communications across the galaxy making a wide variety of dish and communication antenna arrays unnecessary.
  • Republic Credits or Dataries were the common currency in the domain of the Old Republic. However, even within the sphere of the Known Galaxy Republic Credits were not always accepted. With the rise of the Empire that changed. Imperial Credits were the only universally accepted currency in the Known Galaxy, since it was supported by the entire galactic economy, and the Empire was perceived to be exceptionally stable. Imperial Credits were considered of value almost anywhere, even outside the sphere of the Empire. They are issued in a variety of forms, including electronic credit sticks and cards, stocks, coins, corporate and bank notes, and credit vouchers. The denominations of the Imperial Credit were: 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1,000, 2,000 and 5,000. Note that coins of larger denominations existed, however, they were not in wide circulation.
  • The Empire also has economic benefits to many parts of the galaxy.
        = Some of the many examples are: the Squibs and Ugors were contracted by the Empire to collect the waste jettisoned by Imperial fleets before they jump into hyperspace. || Sluis Van, home of its famed shipyards receives most of its revenues from working with the Empire. || Kaal System, a major agricultural world and resort for Imperial personnel on leave in the Yushan Sector.
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Rebel Methods of Distributing their Materials
  • The "Alliance Ministry of Education" is dedicated to altering the image painted of the Rebels by the Empire through counter-propaganda. They also maintain a branch called "Civil Intelligence". That branch concentrates primarily on passive intelligence gathering. They monitor Imperial civil broadcasts, news-holos, etc. This "ministry" is part of the Rebel "government" structure.
  • Called "reporters" by the Rebels, these Rebel Information Officers operate on planets often in Imperial controlled territory to collect stories; they record and edit combat footage for distribution to gain support for their terrorist cause. And once these tales have been prepared, they are transmitted using communication relay stations constructed by the Rebels.
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