Scout Trooper

Troop : Scout Trooper  <<Stats taken from WEG, BTM and SWVD>>
Troop Type : Stormtrooper Scout
Affiliation : Galactic Empire
Number in Service : Over 400 Million troopers
Armour : Scout Trooper Armour (Lightweight Armour worn over a black two piece Body Glove)
Armour Features : <Helmet> Features an Electromagnetic Vision Enhancement Visor and a Macrobinocular Viewplate. The Macrobinocular Viewplate can magnify distant objects designated target magnification, provide night vision and see energy emissions. Helmet also includes a Sensor Array. The helmet itself feeds instantaneous information about approaching terrain (gathered from the terrain sensor on the 74-Z Speeder Bike), allowing the trooper to pilot the craft at high speeds. Boosted Comlink System located at "mouth" section of the helmet, for long-range communication. <Backpack> Is a Power Unit Backpack supplies power to the helmet's Macrobinocular Viewplate and Comlink, and the armour's internal temperature regulation devices. The backpack contains an environmental unit and a computer storage pack. backpack is also used to store gear. <Armour> Scout Trooper armour is equipped with motion sensors.
Armour Capabilities : <Armour> +2 Physical and Energy protection
Main Weapon : Hold-Out Blaster [Damage 3D+2]
Other Weapons : Blaster Pistol [Damage 4D], Blaster Rifle [Damage 5D], Concussion Grenades [Damage 5D/4D/3D/2D], Thermal Detonator (On back of belt)
Equipment : <Utility Belt> Holds extra ammunition, spare rations, a swingline, survival gear flares, Concussion Grenades and a Thermal Detonator on back of belt
Special Equipment : Mirco-Cords and other specialized gear for specific mission profiles and terrain
Standard Height : 1.83 Metres
Move : 10 Metres
Ranks : Sergeant
Skills : Dexterity 2D, Knowledge 2D, Mechanical 3D, Perception 2D, Strength 2D and Technical 2D
Training : Blaster 4D, brawling parry 4D, dodge 4D, repulsorlift operation: speeder bike 3D+2 and brawling 3D. Trained to an unusual degree of independence for Imperial Personnel.
Specialized Training : None
Training Location(s) : Carida?
Special Ability : Can survive without resupply for weeks at a time

    Scout Troopers are trained for reconnaissance and patrol missions. They are usually assigned to planetary garrison posts. At a typical garrison they perform their duties in tandem with AT-STs. Scout Troopers rely upon speeder bikes and other high-speed personal transports to patrol perimeters, perform reconnaissance and scout enemy locations. Unlike most other stormtrooper units, Scout Troopers are equipped for high manoeuvrability and long periods without support to perform objectives far from resupply by Imperial Forces. They are conditioned to work with partners wherever possible. And due to this, their personal transports are stocked with a survival kit and extra equipment. Scout Troopers do not rely on heavy weapons, instead they rely on their small hold-out blasters.

    With their gear Scout Troopers can reach and silently infiltrate almost any objective. These troopers can be employed for espionage, sabotage and infiltration of enemy outposts. Although trained to operate independently, Scout Troopers typically travel in squads, or lances, consisting of four troopers being led by a sergeant. During field operations, the lance generally separates into two elements. Standard assignments for a lance include exploration and patrol duty. Scout Troopers usually avoid conflict whenever possible, when they detect the enemy they prefer to contact the nearest Imperial force.
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