v-188 Penetrator (440 Mounted)

Name/Model# : v-188 Penetrator (Mounted on Aratech 440 Super-Heavy Armoured Chassis)
Alliance-Modified v-188 Penetrator
Designer/Manufacturer : Speizoc Arms
Rebel Alliance Modified
Manufacturer: Speizoc Arms. Modified by Rebel Alliance.
Combat Designation : Heavy Anti-Vehicle Gun
Rebel Alliance Modified
Modified Anti-Vehicle Gun
Scale : Speeder
Length : ?
Skill : Blaster artillery: anti-vehicle
Crew Skill : ?
Crew : 8
Rebel Alliance Modified
9  Crew 1 + Gunners 8
Troops : None
Cost : Rebel Alliance Modified 70,000 Credits
Availability : 3, X
Speed : ?
Rebel Alliance Modified
100 kph (WEG=35)
Altitude Range : None
Manoeuvrability : ?
Cargo Capacity : ?
Weapons : 1 Blaster Cannon
Ammunition: Energy Cell 6 Rounds / Power Trailer 50 Rounds
Fire Rate: 1/3
Fire Control: 1D
Range: 50-600 metres/5 km/25 km
Blast Radius: 20 metres
Damage: 7D/5D+2/3D+2

Rebel Alliance Modified
1 Turreted Blaster Cannon (Faces Front, Left, Right)
Ammunition: Unlimited
Fire Rate: 1/2
Fire Control: 1D+1
Range: 50-600 metres/5 km/25 km
Blast Radius: 20 metres
Damage: 7D/5D+2/3D+2
Cover : Full
Shields/Body Strength : Shields None. Body Strength 3D+1


    The v-188 Penetrator is both a mobile and immobile weapon. To achieve (some) mobility, the weapon is mated atop of a 440 Super-Heavy Armoured Chassis. These treaded vehicles while heavily armoured, offer limited protection against enemy fire. Power for the weapon is provided either by an onboard energy cell or by a towed energy capacitor trailer (power trailer). What may or may not be a surprise, the Rebel Alliance has acquired a small number of v-188s either through theft or via the black market.

    According to unsubstantiated rumours, the Rebels have mounted their v-188s on modern repulsorlift vehicles. In reality, they employ the same conveyance as the Empire, except with a few modifications. It must be noted however, that the small number of v-188s deployed to "regular field units" in conventional theaters and SpecForces receive the conveyance. Those v-188s kept at Rebel warehouses generally remain dismounted. Unlike Imperial 440s, the Rebels have added repulsor motivators to increase mobility. Additionally, the Rebels have equipped their mobile v-188s with a separate fusion generator allowing for unlimited fire. Meanwhile fire rate and fire control improvements were had due to high-efficiency rechargers, and targeting computer upgrades.

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