Troop : Stormtrooper
Troop Type : Standard Shock Trooper
Affiliation : Galactic Empire
Number in Service : Unknown, but probably well over 2 billion troopers and officers
Armour Cost : Not available for sale. BLACK MARKET 2,500 Credits
Armour Availability : 3, X
Armour : 18 Piece Impervium Anti-Blaster Cocoon Armour Shell worn over a black two piece Climate-Controlled Body Glove. Note that Impervium is a brand-name Plasteel. The armour itself is made up of four layers. 1. Impervium, 2. Anti-Laser Mesh, 3. Magnetic Shielding Layer and 4. Inner Insulator
Armour Features :

<Helmet> Reinforced helmet contains Breathing Filters, Atmospheric Cycling Unit, Atmospheric Intake and Processing Unit, and power cells. It features cellular padding inside the helmet and a hermetic auto-seal at its base. Helmet computer is located above comlink microphone (nose of helmet); lateral sensor housing is located on helmet flanks. Helmet is cooled and atmosphere-processed to keep the trooper operating at peak efficiency at all times. The two vents on the back of the helmet are heat dispersion panels. Comtech Series IV helmet speaker uses three-phase sonic filtering for clear sound (it is connected to the audio pickup). Talking to non-Stormtroopers is achieved using the helmet's Vocoder.
[Communications] Tongue Toggled - Voice-Activated Comlink (SoroSuub DH77 or Herzfall Corporation DH107 comlinks) [Note: DH107 is a marked improvement over the DH77], which allows for instant communications with other units. Different frequency options for the comlink exist (Private Channels such as 03074 and the Command Channel). The helmet is also able to pick up transmissions made by non-Stormtrooper comlinks. (Note: black strip that runs above eye slots is a Broadband Communications Antenna) [The comlink uses linked encoding sequences to change frequencies every few seconds while keeping all troopers in the unit synchronized. If the helmet is removed without the trooper first hitting the comlink's tongue toggled control stud, the frequency coding routine is automatically deleted from that helmet].
[Visual Systems] Polarizing Lenses to protect against intense glare which provide enhanced combat vision OR Holographic Vision Processors (allows vision through many barriers such as smoke, darkness and fire; shields eyes against excessive brightness; and creates holographic images of surrounding terrain). Multi-Frequency Targeting and Acquisition System (MFTAS) assists perception (+2D to Perception) in darkness, smoke and other low-visibility situations. It also assists in aiming against moving targets (+2D to ranged weapon skill used against targets that move more than 10 metres per round).
<Backplate> Contains an (automatically activating) emergency 20 minutes of oxygen if the trooper is exposed to (and moves through) vacuum or underwater (part of pressured gas system). It also contains a power pack.
<Stomach Armour> Contains Manual Suit Seal and Environmental Controls.
<Thigh Armour> Both have reinforced alloy plate ridge and lower right side near the knee contains Suit Systems power cells (looks like a row of boxes).
<Shin Armour> Left upper side has a Sniper Position Knee Protector Plate.
<Utility Belt> Has two Blast Energy Sinks to protect the trooper's hips (to dissipate blaster fire).
<Boots> Are not armoured but they are positive gripped.
<Amour> Is equipped with IFF circuitry for identification and command purposes (so troopers know who's who) and is designed to keep the trooper operating at peak efficiency at all times.

Armour Capabilities :

<Armour> +2D Physical, +1D Energy protection. -1D to Dexterity and related skills. It protects troopers from harsh environments, chemical weapons (gas) attacks, projectile and impact weapons, blast shrapnel and glancing blaster bolts. It even provides some measure of protection against radiation. The armour will deflect glancing blaster bolts, however, it may be penetrated by a direct blaster bolt, but it will reduce damage from the bolts absorbed. Depending on the blaster, it could take multiple hits to penetrate the armour (DFT#2***Pg 87). Glancing blaster bolts do bounce off Stormtrooper armour (DFT#1***Pg 35, 123).
<Body Glove> Allows operation in moderately warm or cold climates, however it will protect the trooper from almost any environment, from total vacuum to extremes in cold and heat for a limited period of time.

Main Weapon(s) : BlasTech E-11 Blaster Rifle OR SoroSuub Stormtrooper One Blaster Rifle [Damage: 5D]
Other Weapons : Short-Range Combat Pistol (Blaster) [Damage: 4D], BlasTech DLT-19 Heavy Blaster Rifle, BlasTech DLT-20A Blaster Rifle, BlasTech T-21 Light Repeating Blaster, Imperial Munitions StarAnvil Heavy Blaster Rifle, BlasTech E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster, Merr-Sonn Munitions EWHB-10 (Merr-Sonn's version of the E-Web), Magnetic Demolition Charges (Operated by remote control), Concussion Grenades, High-Explosive Grenades, Thermal Detonator (Always carried on back of belt) [Its controls to set arming, timing, and blast intensity are not labeled to ensure only Stormtroopers can use them], Vibro-Shiv [Damage: Strength+2, Easy difficulty], Power Gloves (Used in hand to hand combat)
Equipment :

<Utility Belt> Contains spare blaster power packs, emergency batteries, concentrated rations, compact tool kit, and a spare hand-held comlink.
<Can be added to the Utility Belt> Specialized or basic survival equipment, Grappling Hook with Fibercord Reel (grappling hooks and high-tension wire), Macrobinoculars, Binders (Handcuffs), Combat De-Ionizer, concentrated rations, water packs, ion flares, 2 medpacs, emergency power cells, Spray Seal (sprayed over camera lenses to blind them) [most likely issued depending on mission attributes].
<Backpack> Can be a life-support pack to extend the trooper's exposure to open space [to allow them to operate in space] (the pack comes with self-contained oxygen supplies and in conjunction with the pack the trooper can be equipped with magnetic boots). Component construction allows standard backpack frames to be filled with mission specific gear, including: field communication sets, mortar launchers, storage, rations, ammunition and equipment for establishing security perimeters or full encampment and survival equipment. Makes each trooper self-sufficient, used for extended deployment.

Special Equipment : Wrist Comlink, external helmet light, a tiny Battle Holocam built into the helmet, have a Proper Resonator (to open secure doors) built into their armour, have a Glow Rod attached to the Stormtrooper's blaster rifle.
Standard Height : 1.83 Metres
Move : 10 Metres
Ranks : Cadet, Cadet Leader, Cadet Company Commander, Trooper (Black Pauldron), Corporal, Sergeant (White Pauldron or triple angular markings on arm and helmet), Sergeant Major, Squad Leader (Orange Pauldrons), Second Lieutenant, Captain, Colonel
Skills : Dexterity 2D, Knowledge 2D, Mechanical 2D, Perception 2D, Strength 2D and Technical 2D
Training :

+Blaster 4D, brawling parry 4D, dodge 4D
+Brawling 3D
=Trained to obey orders.
=Trained that a dead Stormtrooper is useless, unless his death achieves furthering the Emperor's goals.
=Have unarmed-combat training. [Close-combat training]
=Have fencing training (Only for officers?).
=Breathing exercises (to calm oneself down).
=Fighting in low gravity vacuum locations (ie asteroids). Note that troopers spend some time in acclimation tanks before being deployed.
=Extensively trained in space combat (suffers no penalties when fighting in zero-G) [Also trained to use blaster fire as means of controlling direction of movement (since firing a blaster in zero-G propels the user in the opposite direction of the shot fired). Also trained to "kick off"of foe (using the foe's body to launch movement from while at the same time changing the foe's direction of movement) - considered a brawling attack. If successful, the foe tumbles wildly for one round and cannot take any actions.]
=Rifle Salute (Holding of weapons in vertical position, guarding against an accidental discharge; however, it is normally rendered to officers under arms).
=Trained to regroup and mount a surprise counterattack when being pursued.
=Can pilot Imperial shuttles.
=Capable of surviving on any livable planetary surface.
=Officers train for 4 hard and rigorous years, trained to ask for advice when things go wrong, to make fact based decisions, to do collateral documentation.
=Omega Exercise (For Officers)=Testing Cadets in actual battle to see what their made of, those who completed their missions with a satisfactory score received their commission and graduate from the Imperial Military Academy at Cliffside on Carida. Those who failed would serve in the ranks. [Optimists claim that 90% of senior mission are walk-overs].
=Costs over 500,000 Credits to feed, house, and educate Stormtrooper Officers.
=Ordinary troopers train for 6 months, Caridian training leaves all Stormtroopers capable of surviving on any liveable surface, some elite troopers are trained for specialized Stormtrooper units.

Specialized Training :

=Troopers deployed in the Outer Rim must be able to identify local species from 50 metres away. Some can do this by smell alone.
=Stormtrooper Medic.
=To operate an E-Web.
=Engineering students are trained to pilot a wide variety of support craft, but they are limited to 30 hours in TIE Fighters.
=Body Guard Training-observation, marksmanship, tactics, additional instruction in security protocols and body language reading.

Training Location(s) : Carida (Stormtrooper Officers graduate from the Imperial Academy at Cliffside)

Character Points :

Varies, typically 0-5
Pay : About 100 Credits per week
Note : Veteran Stormtroopers do not suffer dexterity penalties. CCG (incorrectly?) states that the armour is composed of Plastoid Composite. EGC incorrectly states that the armour is composed of Plastisteel. BTM states number of Stormtroopers in service.


    Stormtroopers are first strike units that are sent into critical combat situations in support of both the Imperial Navy and Imperial Army. Stormtroopers were originally introduced as the new elite of the military by Emperor Palpatine during the early years of the New Order. They are highly disciplined and completely loyal to the Emperor. Stormtroopers will carry out their orders without hesitation and without concern of their own lives. Maintaining their own command structure and support facilities, Stormtroopers are independent of Imperial Army and Navy chains of command. If a situation warrants it and if the Stormtrooper Company Commander authorizes it, regular officers can be given command of Stormtrooper squads or platoons. However, it must be noted that the Naval Biological group is responsible for Stormtroopers' health. Stormtroopers are deployed to neutralized resistance to the New Order and to ensure that lower and ranking officers serving aboard Imperial ships stayed true and loyal to the Emperor and his vision.

    They are often deployed and paraded in overwhelming numbers, and can be found anywhere that the Empire seeks to assert its power to inspire fear in the populace. Stormtrooper legions are adept at manipulating the psychology of dominance while shielded by the eerie anonymity of their armour. If the Emperor issues an order, Stormtroopers will drop everything else to obey it. Totally loyal to the Empire, Stormtroopers cannot be bribed, seduced, pleaded with, influenced, or blackmailed into betraying the Emperor and his New Order, since they have been flawlessly molded into mere extensions of the Emperor's will. Without his Stormtroopers, the Emperor would not be able to conduct his aggressive policies and maintain his iron hold on the Empire. They are carefully selected for their unquestioning determination to serve the Emperor to the death and are willing to sacrifice lives to accomplish a mission. Knowing no fear, only faced with impossible odds and only once they have completed their primary objectives will they surrender. However, if they are ordered to hold at all costs, they shall do so. To die for the Empire is the highest honour they seek, and they do so without hesitation.

    In battle, Stormtroopers are disciplined to ignore casualties within their own ranks; notice is only taken from a tactical standpoint. They are never distracted by emotional responses and are well drilled in the fact that no matter how many troopers are killed in combat, there will always be more to replace them. Unfortunately, friendly fire incidents can occur as these troopers never let accuracy get in the way of victory. These troops attack in hords to overwhelm their foes. Stormtroopers' ability to rapidly overwhelm and capture enemy positions make them the premiere option for leading assaults on important planets.

    As assault troops operating in conjunction with armoured units, they are second to none. Stormtroopers are often employed to secure landing zones to allow the unopposed drop of Imperial Army units and to clear away the enemy's first lines of defence. From which the Stormtroopers are withdrawn, and the Imperial Army is then employed to terminate the remaining resistance and subjugate the world (except in cases where prolonged conflict threatens to disrupt the Empire's industrial capacity or weaken is strategic position). Large numbers of Stormtroopers are deployed to rapidly crush opposition if quick victory is essential to the operation's goals. It must be noted however, Stormtroopers are rarely employed to take planets with no strategic importance to the Empire.

    Stormtroopers are trained to operate equally well both in space and ground missions, and as a result they are far more flexible than regular Imperial Army troops. They are able to carry out any of their assigned tasks quickly and effectively thanks to their training in a variety of roles. These troopers are employed to stiffen regular Imperial Army units on worlds where the Empire has established vital military bases or research centres. Locations vital to the Imperial war machine such as industrial plants and mining facilities, which have been identified as likely targets for a Rebel or pirate attack have Stormtroopers deployed assigned to protect those assets. The very presence of these troops is often a sufficient deterrent to all but the most determined aggressors and saboteurs. Unless ordered otherwise, they will most likely terminate any person who does not immediately surrender. Civilians are expected to unquestioningly obey orders issued by Stormtroopers, failing to do so typically results in incarceration, if not death. More so, Stormtroopers coerce local residents to assist them in the apprehension of Rebel scum that infests an area.

    These troops are identified by number, not by name. They live in totally disciplined militaristic environment where obedience is paramount and the will of the Emperor is absolute. Stormtroopers unquestionably follow orders issued to them. After months of intensive training, a Stormtrooper Cadet is paired with a veteran Stormtrooper. While providing support during field operations, the new Stormtrooper masters Imperial military tactics. These grimly anonymous troopers use the might of their training and weaponry against any opposition to the Empire with utterly brutal efficiency. Stormtroopers are sent in to crush initial resistance and conduct the toughest fighting. They are feared throughout the Known Galaxy and are deeply feared opponents of Rebel troops and fighters. It cannot be understated that Stormtroopers are highly trained and motivated. It must also be noted that Stormtrooper boarding parties are systematic, quick and professional in taking charge of a captured ship. In short, Stormtroopers support both arms of the Imperial military.

    Imperial Stormtroopers carry their full set of equipment at all times to maintain combat readiness and familiarity with the feel of their gear. Every component of the Stormtrooper's armour and equipment is manufactured to the highest standards in the Galactic Empire. The armour allows the trooper to operate in almost any environment, lasts indefinitely and may still be found half-buried at decades old battle sites. Their brutal training and intense conditioning accounts for much of the Stormtroopers' power and effectiveness. It also must be noted that Imperial-issue equipment plays a vital part in making them the galaxy's most dreaded soldiers.

    Stormtroopers are organized in a manner similar to the Imperial Army, however with varying quantities of troops as their organization is distinct from that of the other armed forces. It must be noted that the Imperial Navy controls Stormtrooper assignments in the Imperial Starfleet. The basic element of Stormtrooper organization is the squad (which contains eight to ten troopers). Unlike the Imperial Army, the squad is the smallest independent operating unit. While organized into platoons, Stormtrooper squads are frequently assigned independent objectives. Stormtroopers are organized up to the corps level and anything above that level of organization is not well known. It is believed that Stormtrooper corps commanders have direct line of communication to the Emperor. If this not true, there is no doubt that they are not far from the Emperor's voice. It is known that Stormtrooper organization above the corps level is very fluid, thus allowing for astounding response times in support of the Emperor's objectives. It is said that the total core of Stormtrooper forces is greater than the number of all regular troops combined.

    These elite shock troopers adopt strict security measures and have a reputation of ferocity when cornered. Due to their excellent communications and sheer numbers, Stormtroopers can hinder Rebel movements across entire territories. Reinforcements are typically held in reserve according to standard Imperial operating procedures. Stormtroopers employ a secure frequency for transmitting commands and tactical data into information banks maintained for Stormtrooper use. However, this Stormtrooper channel can be breached through the use of a special chip that was developed on the planet of Bakura. More so, it is somehow possible to incapacitate Stormtroopers by causing their helmet speakers to emit a very loud piercing electronic whine (via annexing the Stormtrooper channel).

    In non-combat situations, Stormtrooper Officers wear a black tunic and cap. Their insignia-officer's disc, rank plaque and rank code cylinders conform to standards of the Imperial Navy. All Stormtrooper Officers are proven soldiers and in combat they wear armour like any other trooper. Stormtroopers are known for their marksmenship and some are capable of hitting a scurrier's horn at 200 metres. Stormtroopers are also employed as security troops or as honour guards for Imperial dignitaries and influential persons, and ranking officials such as Imperial ambassadors, Grand Moffs, Moffs, Governor Generals or Admirals. In these cases no less than ten Stormtroopers are employed for this duty. Garrisons of Stormtroopers are stationed on planets throughout the Empire to quell any uprisings and to enforce the Emperor's will. While at the Imperial Academy, Stormtroopers learn an old game called Quadrant, it is a tactical visualization game; troopers who are on duty sometimes play this game with other troopers to pass the time.


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