TIE/gt Fighter
Name/Model# : TIE/gt Fighter
Designer/Manufacturer : Sienar Fleet Systems
Combat Designation : Ground-Targeting Starfighter/Bomber
Scale : Starfighter
Length : 6.3 Metres
Width : 6.4 Metres
Height : 7.5 Metres
Skill : Starfighter piloting: TIE
Crew Skill : Starship piloting 4D+1 and starship gunnery 4D
Crew : 1 Pilot
Cost of Fighter : Not available for sale
Nav Computer : None
Sublight Speed : 4 Space Units
Hyperdrive Rating : None
Atmospheric Speed : 800 kph (WEG=280)
Manoeuvrability : 1D
Cargo Capacity : 10 Metric Tons
Consumables : 2 Days
Pilot Support Systems : Most likely none
Weapons :

1 Chin Mounted Laser Cannon
Fire Control: 2D
Space Range: 1-3/12/25 Space Units
Atmospheric Range: 100 metres-300 metres/1.2 km/2.5 km
Damage: 2D+2

1 Concussion Mission Launcher (12 missiles)
Fire Control: 1D
Space Range: 1-2/8/15 Space Units
Atmospheric Range: 100 metres-200 metres/800 metres/1.5 km
Damage: 8D

Other payloads can be: 6 Proton Torpedoes, 18 Air-Deployed Mines, 2 Cluster Bombs or 20,000 Plastic Leaflets

Sensors : Passive : 20 Space Units/0D
Scan : 40 Space Units/1D
Search : 60 Space Units/2D
Focus : 3 Space Units/3D
Shields/Armour Rating : Shields None. Hull 2D


    The TIE/gt Fighter is a retrofitted TIE Fighter used for carrying ordinance, but is being replaced by the newer TIE Bomber. This early version of the TIE Bomber still sees widespread service throughout the Imperial Forces, especially in lower-priority deployments. It is usually employed as a ground-support craft. However like the TIE Bomber, compared to other TIE models, this fighter features an elongated and reinforced hull. Rebel slang refers to these craft as "egglayers".

    Unlike the TIE Bomber, precise targeting for the TIE/gt is achieved through the use of the TIE/fc, but most larger targets such as buildings and capital ships can be destroyed without such assistance. Although concussion missiles are its usual payload, its missile launcher can handle other specially packed payloads. Payloads such as the plastic leaflets are only dropped in unusual cases. The Imperial Navy is transferring the TIE/gt to outlying posts and to the Imperial Army as quickly as the datawork can be filed, however Imperial Army resistance and its legitimate lack of demand has considerably slowed down the process.

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