TIE Phantom

Name/Model# TIE Phantom (Modified V38 Assault Fighter)
Designer/Manufacturer Sienar Fleet Systems (Modifications done by the Empire)
Combat Designation (Cloakable) Assault Fighter
Scale Most likely starfighter
Length ?
Skill ?
Crew Skill ?
Crew 1 Pilot and 1 Gunner
Cost Not available for sale
Nav Computer Yes
Sublight Speed ?
Hyperdrive Rating Class 6
Atmospheric Speed 1,490 kph
Manoeuvrability ?
Cargo Capacity 90 kg
Consumables 3 Days
Pilot Support Systems Life Support Yes / Ejection System ?

3 Wing Tipped Laser Cannons (Controlled by Pilot)
2 Cheek Mounted Laser Cannons (Controlled by Gunner)

Sensors Passive : ?
Scan : ?
Search : ?
Focus : ?
Shields/Armour Rating Shields Yes - rating ?
Note RECG distinguishes laser cannons controlled by the pilot are more powerful than the gunner's. In RAII Ru Murleen piloted the TIE Phantom, while Rookie One fired the weapons. Thus the gunner's laser cannons are cheek mounted. EAWFOC states shields cannot be raised when cloaked. RAII (Chapter 15) Ru Murleen speculates "there must be thousands" of Phantoms, and the game's cut scenes and fight sequences seem to support her speculation.


    The TIE Phantom is a modified V38 Assault Fighter. It is the first ever Imperial starfighter featuring a cloaking device. Commanded by the Emperor to produce an operational cloak, Grand Admiral Martio Batch turned to stygium crystal based technology. Shortly after the Battle of Hoth this secret starfighter, able to operate with near impunity was to be the instrument of the Rebellion's elimination. Its cloaking device renders the fighter invisible to both sensors and visual inspection. Though, the cloak is not perfect. Cloaked TIE Phantoms in the presence of other uncloaked TIE Phantoms can give peculiar scanner readings in which no firm fix can be obtained. When cloaked, shields cannot be raised nor weapons fired. As such, Phantoms tend to attack, disappear, reposition and attack once more.

    Unfortunately, Aeten II is the only source in the Known Galaxy for the incredibly rare stygium crystals. Worse yet, by the Battle of Yavin their supply had been all but exhausted. To gain access to the remaining crystal deposits, the Tarkin Battle Station was temporarily requisitioned to shatter Aeten II. With millions of stygium crystals now on hand the Phantom project could proceed unimpeded. Naturally, the Dreighton Nebula or as it is better known to spacers as the Dreighton Triangle, would serve as development and testing grounds. Using cover of unexplained disappearances of starships and roaming ghost ships of the lost opposing fleets that fought at the nebula 40 years before, development of the Phantom could proceed away from prying eyes.

    Unlike much of the TIE series, this starfighter lacks the customary ball cockpit, and requires a pilot and gunner. They enter through a ventral elevator located behind the cockpit. The pilot is situated slightly behind and to the left of the gunner. An independent life-support system equipped the fighter, permitting extended duration missions against the Empire's foes. Instead of using standard TIE racks, TIE Phantoms use landing emplacements located on the hanger deck. Moving of fighters within the hangers is accomplished via a ceiling rail mounted claw that grapples the bottom section of the dorsal radiator panel. Like others in the TIE series, they are not equipped with landing gear.

    The Rebel YT-1300 Corellia Star discovered one of the Phantom program's key elements, oridium ore which fueled the fighter. Although the transport was later captured and its pilot killed during the boarding action, it was able send a distress call to two nearby B-Wings. Those B-Wings were originally sent to investigate the disappearance of three X-Wings that were patrolling the Dreighton Nebula three days prior. Unbeknownst to the Rebellion, those X-Wings had been ambushed and destroyed by TIE Phantoms as part of a demonstration to Lord Vader. Though the B-Wings were too late to save the transport, they managed to fight their way through intercepting TIE Fighters to its last known location. The Rebels wondered how the TIE Fighters got from the freighter to them so quickly. Just as Rookie One detected the YT-1300's distress beacon on the planet below TIE Phantoms pounced the B-Wings. Damaged, Rookie One safely ejected on the planet below. His commanding officer was eliminated. It was this spark that set in motion the unfortunate events that would doom the TIE Phantom program.

    Having survived, Rookie One infiltrated the Imperial mining base and stole the Corellia Star to make good his escape. From the analysis of the Corellia Star's flight recordings, Admiral Ackbar ordered the destruction of a hidden Imperial mining complex located in the Belt of Arah asteroid field (in the Dreighton Nebula) by three X-Wings from Rascal Squadron. Ultimately, the Rebels were successful. However, Rookie One was the sole survivor as his comrades, before they could escape into hyperspace were felled by several ambushing TIE Phantoms. Unfortunately, Rookie One's survival meant that his X-Wing's flight recorder revealed not only the existence of the TIE Phantom, but also its awesome capabilities. Admiral Ackbar realizing this new Imperial threat ordered the capture of one TIE Phantom, in hopes of discovering a countermeasure.

    Admiral Sarn who spearheaded special weapons research was assigned to the TIE Phantom program. He estimated that within a few years the TIE Phantom would make its debut against the Rebellion in force. However, Lord Vader who took a personal interest was most impatient to begin its combat deployment. The "endless field tests" were finally completed. An Imperial fleet was assembling at Imdaar Alpha, where they would be poised to eliminate the Rebellion. Alas, the TIE Phantom would not fulfill its destiny. Flying a Y-Wing Rookie One penetrated Imperial defences at Imdaar. And joined forces with Rebel agent Ru Murleen, who had been monitoring Imperial activity in the area following the Battle of Yavin. From this vantage, the Rebellion knew of Imperial clandestine operations in the area, but not as to their contents. Word of the TIE Phantom changed that equation. Together they stole a Lambda Shuttle pulling cargo duty to surreptitiously board the SSD Terror. Subsequently, the Terror would later dock with the cloaked TIE Phantom manufacturing facility at Imdaar Alpha - thereby setting in motion the final tragic chain of events.

    Having evaded Imperial search parties, Rookie One and Ru Murleen stole a TIE Phantom from one of the Terror's hanger bays. Incredibly, they managed to destroy the Terror by destabilizing its reactor. Its destruction collapsed the cloaking field protecting the manufacturing facility and at least three docked Star Destroyers. As an additional consequence a breach was opened into the interior of the facility. Seizing this opportunity, the Rebels destroyed the facility from the inside. With the "Phantom" fleet destroyed and now possessing the sole remaining TIE Phantom, the Rebels hoped their engineers could adapt its cloaking technology to their starfighters to gain the advantage over the Empire. Fortunately, the Rebels never got the chance to learn its secrets, as the fighter later self-destructed on a Rebel landing platform.

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