The Tarkin Doctrine

Since the creation of the Tarkin Doctrine it has become a cornerstone of Imperial Policy. Its original inception was in a secret dispatch Imperial Communiqué #001044.92v by Governor Tarkin of the Seswenna Sector to the Emperor; it was titled "Increasing the Security of the Empire". Upon approving Governor Tarkin's plan, the Emperor bestowed the Governor the status of Grand Moff. And as a result, the plan soon became unofficially known as the Tarkin Doctrine.


Summarized measures set forth by the Tarkin Doctrine:

  • Establish "Oversectors" which contain tumultuous systems; to monitor and react to rebellious activities within those systems. Oversectors would be formed without regard for the borders of standard sectors and would receive more forces than other regions of the Empire. This Imperial presence would be designed to stop small rebel factions before they could become a larger established threat. An average of three Sector Groups would be deployed in an Oversector.
  • Assign command of each Oversector to a single individual who reports directly to the Emperor, in order to eliminate any delays created by political opportunism by Imperial advisors.
  • Improve communication resources and Imperial response time by placing modified HoloNet transceivers (cannibalized from existing HoloNet transceivers) aboard each flagship of every Sector Group within an Oversector command. Place similar facilities aboard the Emperor's flagship and in Imperial City on Imperial Centre (formally Coruscant). [NOTE: Originally, the Emperor had the expensive to maintain HoloNet network dismantled, however Governor Tarkin urged the Emperor to reinstitute it on a far smaller scale. HoloNet would be reserved for use by the Imperial Navy only, and only at the Sector Group level of organization.]
  • Control unruly portions of the Galaxy through a fear of force rather than force itself. Through the combination of superior coordination of multiple Oversector groups and the control of information (news media) an impression of overwhelming force will be installed within the citizenry, thereby instilling the idea that resistance is futile.
  • Continue to research and develop new and more powerful starships and weapons designed to inspire fear in the resistant systems. Present the citizen with a weapon so powerful, so immense as to defy all conceivable attack against it, a weapon invulnerable and invincible in battle, that shall become a symbol for the Empire. This weapon must possess a power great enough to dispatch an entire system. Only a handful or one of these weapons would be required to accomplish this task.
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