Vindicator Heavy Cruiser
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Name/Model# : Vindicator-class Heavy Cruiser
Designer/Manufacturer : Sienar Fleet Systems
Combat Designation : Most likely Heavy Cruiser
Scale : Most likely capital
Length : 600 Metres
Skill : ?
Crew Skill : ?
Crew : 2,551
Skeleton Crew : ?
Cost of Vessel : Not available for sale
Nav Computer : Most likely yes
Sublight Speed : Most likely 6 Space Units
Hyperdrive Rating : Class 2
Hyperdrive Backup : Class 8
Atmospheric Speed : Most likely cannot enter atmosphere
Manoeuvrability : See SOTG
Cargo Capacity : 8,000 Metric Tons
Consumables : 1.5 Years
Weapons :

25 Light Turbolasers (10 Forward, 5 Left, 5 Right, 5 Aft)
20 Light Turbo Quadlasers (8 Forward, 4 Left, 4 Right, 4 Aft)
20 Light (Point Defence) Ion Cannons (8 Forward, 4 Left, 4 Right, 4 Aft)
10 (Point Defence) Lasers (2 Forward, 3 Left, 3 Right, 2 Aft)
3 Tractor Beam Projectors (1 Forward, 1 Left, 1 Right)
NOTE: Weapons' stats see SOTG

Sensors : Passive : ?
Scan : ?
Search : ?
Focus : ?
Shields/Hull Rating : See SOTG
Starfighter Squadrons : Up to 6 TIE Fighter Squadrons (exact mix unknown)
Troop Capacity : 400 Troops
Support Craft : ?
Note : SOTG states "carry up to a full wing of TIE Fighters" - most likely an Imperial Wing (72 fighters), not a Rebel Wing (36 fighters). SOTG lists weapon facings in batteries, with exception of lasers and tractor beams. IE: Light Turbolasers (2 batteries front, 1 battery left, 1 battery right, 1 battery rear). TTSB when discussing the Interdictor states "many of the standard weapons of the cruiser were gutted to accommodate..." =Vindicator instead of having 20 Light Turbo Quadlasers should have 20 Capital-scale Quad Laser Cannons. EGVV and NEGVV information on Interdictor's hull adaptability references the Vindicator, but not in name.


    The Vindicator-class Heavy Cruiser which served as the basis for the vaunted Interdictor Cruiser was an effective combat vessel thanks to its weapons load out. Most Vindicators were specifically envisioned to operate without the benefit of support ships and thus carry up to a full fighter wing. When full Star Destroyer squadrons were unavailable and lighter vessels were insufficient for the task at hand, Vindicators were generally sent in. Many of the designs and components found in Star Destroyers found their way into these similar looking, but smaller vessels. Because of its resemblance to the ISD, the Imperial bureaucracy has shown an affinity to the design. Its proven, reliable hull can be outfitted with a large assortment of armaments, and has been employed for several heavy cruiser designs. The all-purpose hull and ship systems are effortlessly converted for custom mission duties. They entered service before the Interdictor Cruiser, but their exact service entry date is unknown.

    A large number of Vindicators later entered service into planetary defence forces, and unfortunately, a few large pirate fleets. The exact dates when these vessels started seeing non-Imperial service is not yet clear. Disturbingly, the Rebellion managed to land their crummy paws upon one of our cruisers. The Savrip, which patrolled the Mid Rim was captured by Rebel commandos. Renamed the Molator, the Rebels employed it as an armed "diplomatic" vessel, traveling to worlds in the Outer Rim in an attempt to conjure up support for their criminal cause.

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